How to install Remix.js? A step by step guide for beginners

by SWHabitation
Feb 08, 2023

Acquire the knowledge of the sequential procedure for installing Remix JS and gain access to its impressive capabilities.


Remix is a cutting-edge web framework designed to create React apps with an emphasis on scalability, developer experience, and performance. In this blog, we'll take you through installing and configuring your first application.

With the help of Remix.js, you can create server-rendered React apps with a unified routing system and streamlined data loading by integrating client and server code into one file. Remix.js's client-server architecture simplifies the development process for creating React full-stack apps. Below is the complete client-server architecture of remix.js.

Client-Server Architecture


You must install Node.js before you can install Remix.js. Verify that npm and Node.js are installed on your computer. If not, get Node.js. from the official website and install it.

Verify that Node is up to date on your machine. Run the below command in your terminal to verify, then compare the result with the most recent LTS version found at

node -v
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Once you install Node.js, the npm command will appear in your command line.

Now that you have Node updated to the latest version and npm, create an empty folder anywhere you want, for example in your home folder.

How to get started ?

Make a new directory for your remix first. Manage the project. Launch your terminal and run these commands:

mkdir my-remix-project

cd my-remix-project

Open the directory for your project.

npx create-remix@latest

It will install Remix's most recent version using the most recent, assuming you have already gone to the area where you wish to create a remix application.

After completing the setup, launch your Remix. Utilizing the following command, run the application:

npm run dev

Visit http://localhost:3000 in your browser.

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